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"Everything they never told you about adoption"

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  • Adoption IS political

  • Adoption REQUIRES trauma

  • ADOPTEES are the experts on adoption ​​​​

       (not adoptive parents, social workers, or psychologists)​

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"As a writer, social worker, and adoptive parent, I think it's very important that people understand the history of adoption in America and the different critiques and problems within the systems at play, and Liz has a wealth of information to share with adoptive and prospective adoptive families. She brings her vast academic knowledge, personal perspective, and political and activist experiences to everything she does. Liz can guide families through learning about issues adoptees face as they grow up and also as adults, and help connect them with additional information and resources. I've benefitted greatly from talking to Liz about adoption and her experiences." 

-Kristen S.

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"My husband and I reached out to Liz as we began the steps towards adoption. It was a strange and unknown place; we didn’t know the language, the rituals and routines, or how to be the most respectful to our longed for child. We were especially interested in the psychological impact our decisions might have on everyone involved. Liz answered all our questions with great wisdom, beauty, empathy and compassion.

She was the perfect navigator."

-Michelle S.


Liz has an exceptional capacity for recognizing the complexities of family, home and the creation of both through the adoption process. I have never seen her shy away from discussions that are often as difficult as they are necessary. In fact, she is one of the rare individuals who can approach such situations with both sensitivity and forthrightness. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to refer a client or personal friend to her for support in any stage of the adoption process. Her lived and professional experience combine in a way that make her someone I consider a very trustworthy guide in a vulnerable process.

-Lisbeth White

Marriage & Family Therapist

Carol Lutfy


"As a fellow adoptee, I have had the privilege of working with Liz and seeing first hand how she interacts with adoptive parents. Liz is compassionate and honest, willing to share so much of herself and her experiences because she understands the importance of open dialogue between adoptees and adoptive parents who want to learn and understand better the adoptee experience."

Carol Lutfy


Former Vice-President, All Together Now Peer Support Groups for Adoptive Families, Brooklyn, NY

“What We Lost” by Liz Latty is essential reading for every member of an adoption triad. It cuts through the “happily-ever-after” fairy tale peddled by adoption agencies and digs deep into the far more complex experiences of many adoptive families.

Latty acknowledges the loss inherent in every adoption—for biological parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents. Loss for adoptees that sometimes looks like trauma-related learning issues, mental illness, and addiction. Loss the billion-dollar, for-profit adoption industry does little to help adoptive families navigate, let alone pre-empt.

In her writing and public speaking, Latty asks tough questions about the paradoxical truths adoptees are asked to live by and offers a deeper, grittier look at adoption’s precarious underpinnings and pitfalls."

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